• End of punishment

    In December the punishment imposed by FIFA onto Al Gharafa has come to an end. During one year the club could not hire foreign players. All because they had illegally hired the Australian player Mark Bresciano

  • Athletics World Championship in 2019

    Qatar was also chosen to host the Athletics World Championship in 2019. Doha surpassed Barcelona (Spain) and Eugene (United States of America). This was the second time that Qatar was competing to host the World Athletics Championship. The first time it was running to host the competition in 2017, but Doha ended being defeated by […]

  • XV Asiad

    One of the country’s biggest prides is to have successfully hosted the 15th Asian Games, officially known as the XV Asiad, it is Asia’s Olympic-style . The event took place from December 1st  to December 15th , 2006. Doha was the first city in its region and only the second in West Asia (following Tehran […]