Qatari people love football, but other sports are also very popular in the country: cricket, golf, basketball, handball, polo, races. The country has a vocation for sports.


Fahed the mascot

Fahed the mascot


Qatar hosts the male handball world championship, with state of the art stadiums and the best structures for foreigners.  The event takes place between January 15 and February 1st. The Brazilian national team is taking part in the competition. At the Corniche there is a monument in honour of this tournament. The country has the best handball players in Asia. Jaish’s team has won the Asian handball cup, and Likhwiya from Qatar came in second. The tournament provides a chance for Qatar to show it can successfully manage a top-class event, as it prepares to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.





Qatar was also chosen to host the Athletics World Championship in 2019. Doha surpassed Barcelona (Spain) and Eugene (United States of America).This was the second time that Qatar was competing to host the World Athletics Championship. The first time it ran to host the competition in 2017, but Doha ended being defeated by London.